Founded in 1980, Northwood Design Partners is a custom furniture manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing finely crafted wood furniture and architectural case work for business and institutional communities. Even though wood is our specialty, we also work with stone, metal, and laminate. Even cement is not out of our element!


Bring us your craziest concept, and we'll make it reality. That's what being custom means. 

We pride ourselves in everything we do, mostly because we have the capability to bring any design idea to life in the timeline and budget you have. And it is our company mission to be a reliable and responsive resource; to be innovative with design and materials to best meet our users' needs; and to maintain the highest standards for excellence.

Have a question? Head over to our Contact page, or call us at 510.731.6505. Don't feel like calling? E-mail us at 


“Whats your average lead time?”

We don't believe in lead times.

Each project has its own unique characteristics and requirements--and we understand that! Let's just say we're very good at performing under pressure. For example, we've successfully provided drawings and product in as short a time as 2-3 weeks, whereas other manufacturers often quote an 8-12 week lead time. 

“Are there any materials you can't work with or designs you can't do?”

Simply put... no. Since we're custom, we've done just about anything and everything. Just bring us your idea and what materials you're interested in using, and we'll make it work! Our team of design engineers thrive to help you make your piece structurally sound as well as aesthetically beautiful. 


“I'm interested in getting a project started. Who should I get in touch with? ”

Head over to our Contact page. Don't forget to include project name, scope of work, materials (if applicable), and desired timeline. Hope to hear from you soon! 


a glimpse into where our product goes


Circular banquette seating

In Situ, SF MOMA

Cottonwood shard tables featured in In Situ's lounge area. Details and texture made via chainsaw. 


American Elm live edge w/ butterfly effect



Conference table with adjustable LED lighting


96" diameter conference table


30 ft. window wall bar counter



Reclaimed wood stumps, vinegar wash